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Type of Equipment

  • Scambiatori di calore a fascio tubiero
  • Agitated and pressure vessels
  • Columns and reactors
  • Storage tank
  • Air coolers
  • Thin film evaporators
  • Autoclaves
  • Balance tanks
  • Water or fire tube boilers
  • Ramps and stairs


  • Construction drawing with specs and materials list
  • Data sheets / Setting plan
  • WPS (Welding Procedure Specifications)
  • PED 97/23/CE protocols
  • Pressure vessels structural analysis calculation according to international codes and standards: VSR/VSG; EN 13445; ASME VIII Division 1 & 2; PD5500; AD-Merkblätter; GOST; PED 97/23/CE; WRC Bulletin 107/297; 9th edition TEMA standards

(Engineering) Design

  • Internal/ external pressure analysis (DEF - Design by formula)
  • Fatigue strength analysis (with/without simplified method)
  • FEM - Finite Element Analysis (DBA -Design by analysis)
  • Supports analysis
  • Nozzle external loads verification
  • Wind loads verification(NTC 2008, UBC ’97, Eurocode1)
  • Seismic loads verification(NTC 2008, UBC ’97, Eurocode8)

Inspection and Testing

  • Conformity assessments and projects approvals, products inspection and audits according to O.N. N°0426 (ITALCERT) N°071. Acceptance inspection and supervision of equipment manufacture on behalf of other companies.

Software Knowledge

  • Autocad
  • Sant’Ambrogio Next Gen (Equipment structural analysis)
  • PV ELITE (Equipment structural analysis)


CDL engineering is specialized in the design of modular skids, boiler works and industrial plants. Our company was founded in 2013 as an outgrow of the STC s.a.s., a firm active on the market since 1996 and specialized in the design of pressure vessels.

CDL engineering staff is young, qualified and with an excellent knowledge of the sector, and that makes us the perfect partner for developing process and construction companies.


For any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us at: info@cdlengineering.com

Tel: 02 92278 680
Mobile: 335-8072461

Via Magenta, 16 - 20066 MELZO (MI)

Process Plant Engineering

  • Detailed Engineering, modular skid, piping, workholding devices (isometrics, piping arrangements, construction drawings, MTO)
  • Detailed mechanical drawing P&Id (line list, valves list, equipment list, tie-ins)
  • Feasibility studies, plot plans, basic engineering
  • Stress Analysis


  • Structural steel works design/carpentry works design
  • (foundations) layout planning
  • Structural analysis (for building failures)
  • Material list /list of building material


  • Caustic soda concentration skid
  • Red oil abatement skid
  • Fine filter skid
  • Ammonia vaporization skid
  • Deaerator skid
  • Oil pumping skid
  • Cetostearyl alcohol production skid
  • Emulsions concentration skid
  • Biodiesel production skid
  • Azelaic acid storage and transportation plant
  • (caustic) soda concentration plant
  • STD drafts

Software Knowledge

  • Autocad
  • PDMS
  • Caesar II
  • Thinkdesign
  • Solidworks

Our portfolio

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Distillation column 36 mt high (118 ft. ) - 1
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Distillation column 36 mt high (118 ft. ) - 2
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Distillation column 36 mt high (118 ft. ) - 3
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skid-ammonia-evaporator - 1
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skid-ammonia-evaporator - 2
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skid-ammonia-evaporator - 3
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skid-ammonia-evaporator - 4
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skid-ammonia-evaporator - 5
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skid-ammonia-evaporator - 6
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Skid SM 1
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Chemical flow control & Injection skids
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Chemical flow control & Injection skids
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Chemical flow control & Injection skids
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Booster pump skid
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Booster pump skid
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Booster pump skid
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Booster pump skid
Smiley faceSkid SM 2

Smiley faceKo-drum

Type of Equipment

  • Grass distiller
  • Cereals maltster
  • Textile dyeing machinery
  • Polymerization unit
  • Industrial pumps jigs